It Never Ceases To Amaze Me

La Marchande by Paul Saint-JeanI really do love it when people decide to embrace the Internet. Either they are starting a business or have one established and they realize the advantages a website can do for their business. They understand that a website is up for 24 hours a day and accessible to anyone on the planet (well…most everyone). And that their products and/or services can be marketed at an incredible value compared to television, radio, or even newspapers and magazines. Continue Reading »

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Linux? For the desktop?

The New Arrival by Carlo FachenettiThroughout my 30-year career in software engineering I’ve had the pleasure of working on many ‘flavors’ of Unix, including Masscomp, Sun, DEC, and HP. Of course we’re talking about a computer operating system that was around long before the GUI of Windows/MAC came into existence. Unix was originally developed by AT&T as a portable operating system that could run on different hardware architectures. Its primary features were that it was multi-tasking and had a multi-user base. Computer hardware was rare and quite expensive during this period and there was a significant need to share basic computer resources (CPU cycles, memory, I/O).
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wpadmin on June 20th 2009 in Linux

Does my business really need a website?

Selling His Wares by Ettore FortiI still occassionally run into businesses who say that they don’t need a website. Some say that they are not selling items over the Internet, and others say that it’s just too expensive.

All businesses need some type of marketing in order to be successful. Marketing is a communication process that conveys to people who have, or may have at some time in the future, a want or need of your goods and services. It also informs consumers about what differentiates your business, product, or service from another.
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Why I love the Internet

The Astronomer by Johannes Vermeer

Without question, the computer has been one of the greatest technological advances of the 20th century. Originally conceived to advance scientific and military solutions, it has become a supernova of additional technologies that has both enhanced and complicated just about every facet of human civilization.

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